20 April 2017

Brexit, Brussels IV and Holiday Homes

Author : Edward Walter

Prior to August 2015, there was no unified system of succession law for those who were domiciled and habitually resident in England and Wales but who owned assets, such as a holiday home, elsewhere in Europe. This caused added expense when dealing with assets in Europe, and it was difficult to predict whether the intended beneficiary would inherit in line with the Testator’s intentions. ...Read More >

06 March 2017

"Offshore tax planning – HMRC replacing the carrot with a stick”

Author : Timothy Collins

In the run up to 5 April, there is no time like the present to ‘get one’s house in order’ especially in relation to any offshore interests that you may have....Read More >

28 February 2017

Private clients need to be aware of the new charges for probate fees

Author : Satnaam Kaur

The Ministry of Justice are to dramatically reform fees for grants of probate - these will rise in May 2017 as follows:...Read More >

23 November 2016

Beware of the Perils of Precedents

Author : Matthew Lewins

A recent High Court ruling has demonstrated that the “natural and ordinary meaning” of words trump the “overall purpose” of the Will when it comes to interpretation.
...Read More >

20 September 2016

Trustees’ Potential Liability for Investment Losses to Beneficiaries

Author : Edward Walter

There has been a recent judgement in the matter of Daniel and others and several solicitors acting as professional trustees. ...Read More >

08 June 2016

The Dangers of Not Having an Appropriate Will

Author : Edward Walter

The dangers of not having an appropriate Will...Read More >

08 June 2016

Peace of Mind: Taking Steps to Plan for your Future

Author : Kristy Underwood

Peace of Mind: Taking Steps to Plan for your Future...Read More >

08 June 2016

Inheritance Tax and the New Residence Nil Rate Band

Author : Edward Walter

Inheritance Tax and the new Residence Nil Rate Band...Read More >

08 June 2016

Lifetime Planning: Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills

Author : Edward Walter

Should we keep the Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills that we have or should we change them to take the full effect of the new Residence based Inheritance Tax allowance?...Read More >

08 June 2016

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for Families

Author : Edward Walter

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for Families...Read More >

14 March 2016

Planning for the Future: Lasting Powers of Attorney

Author : Edward Walter

Planning for the future: Lasting Powers of Attorney...Read More >

26 February 2016

What is the Court of Protection?

Author : Edward Walter

What is the Court of Protection...Read More >

05 January 2016

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Put an LPA in Place?

Author : Edward Walter

Is your New Year's resolution to put an LPA in place?...Read More >

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