28th August 2019

HMRC investigates well over 20% of all taxable estates

A freedom of information request by Discretionary Fund Managers Quilters show that the Revenue opened more than 5,000 Inheritance Tax investigations in a year, a figure representing well over 20% of the 22,000 estates that are liable to lnheritance Tax in that year.

Whilst it is more often than not the case that persons named as Executors are not deliberately trying to defraud the Revenue, the complexity of the process means that it is easy to make mistakes. Mistakes can lead to interest and indeed penalties in some cases being levied. To avoid those, it can a useful idea to employ experts to assist to a greater or lesser extent. The field for purchase of such expert services is now much wider and include not only solicitors but, accountants and others authorised to offer Probate services.

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Edward Walter

Edward Walter