5th October 2017

“Dr Foster” – How NOT to separate!

I suspect that couples going through a separation may be reeling from last night’s conclusion of "Dr. Foster" and fearing for their children's future wellbeing.

However they should be reassured that the vast majority of separating parents manage to prioritise their children’s needs and protect them from the fallout in a way that Gemma and Simon tragically failed to do.

Good family lawyers should always support them in this and Collaborative law offers parents a way to resolve all issues arising from a divorce or separation without the acrimony of court proceedings and in a way that ensures that their children’s welfare is always the priority. Where appropriate, Collaborative lawyers work in conjunction with a family consultant who can advise parents how best to support their children through what can be a difficult time.

So if you are in the middle of a separation or just considering your options and want to ensure that your children remain your priority, don’t despair as it really doesn’t have to be like “Dr Foster”.

If you would like to discuss issues raised in this article or would like further family law advice, we offer a free half an hour consultation with a member of our team to allow you to discuss your situation and obtain initial guidance on the best way forward for you.

Melanie den Brinker

Melanie den Brinker