13th March 2018

5 Tips for a cheaper divorce

Many people find themselves reluctant to take legal advice for fear of the costs, but what if that fear is the very thing that leads you to accept an outcome which ultimately costs you more.

Below are some tips for how you can both obtain legal advice and keep costs down.

1. Get expert advice

Typically, people turn to friends in times of need and whilst many of them will be more than willing to offer advice, especially those who have been through similar experiences, it is important to remember that each family’s situation is different.

Be wary of the internet, as the information available can often be inaccurate and misleading. Locate a solicitor who offers a free initial meeting, as this provides an opportunity to obtain basic expert legal advice on your situation without obligation and the fear of costs.

2. Work with your solicitor

Divorce can involve a lot of paperwork. Work with your solicitor to identify what paperwork you can undertake yourself and what paperwork would be better dealt with by them. You can then ensure that your resources are being applied where they are most needed.

3. Consider alternative methods of resolution

These days, there are more ways to resolve a dispute than solicitor negotiations or court. Consider the alternatives, such as mediation or collaborative law. Either approach is likely to result in lower costs, an agreement which you have helped to create rather than one which has been imposed upon you and often, most importantly, the preservation of already fragile family relationships.

4. Be proportionate

Do not become so entrenched in an argument that you lose all sense of proportionality. Keep an open mind. Always ask your solicitor to advise on potential costs so, for example, you do not end up spending more in legal fees than the financial sum in dispute.

5. Compromise

This will inevitably be the most controversial tip, but it is perhaps the most important. Quite simply, your costs are likely to be far less if you are prepared to discuss matters openly and to compromise.

If you would like further legal advice on divorce we offer a free 30-minute meeting. Please contact our team secretary Khaila Reid on 01892 502 335 or kreid@bussmurton.co.uk

This article was first published in the March edition 2018 of Wealden Times. www.wealdentimes.co.uk