20 April 2017

Brexit, Brussels IV and Holiday Homes

Prior to August 2015, there was no unified system of succession law for those who were domiciled and habitually resident in England and Wales but who owned assets, such as a holiday home, elsewhere in Europe. This caused added expense when dealing with assets in Europe, and it was difficult to predict whether the intended beneficiary would inherit in line with the Testator’s intentions. ...Read More >

20 April 2017

Finances on divorce - Is “special contribution” a justified argument or an outmoded concept?

The breakdown of Ryan Giggs’ marriage has been widely publicised, for a number of reasons, but most recently because he apparently intends to claim “special contribution”. Whilst most people would readily accept that he has made a special contribution to football, can the same be argued for his marriage?...Read More >

04 April 2017

​Don’t get blindsided if your relationship breaks down

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just released figures showing that, for the first time, the number of unmarried couples with children breaking up has exceeded married couples with children....Read More >

23 March 2017

Help to Buy schemes – Everything you need to know

Gail Anthony, Licensed Conveyancer at Buss Murton Law and specialist in Help to Buy property purchases, reviews current Government schemes....Read More >

17 March 2017

Varying charges between solicitors on conveyancing quotes?

Seeking a conveyancing quotation but discovering that there is a degree of varying charges between solicitors? At Buss Murton we have no such hidden charges. ...Read More >

06 March 2017

"Offshore tax planning – HMRC replacing the carrot with a stick”

In the run up to 5 April, there is no time like the present to ‘get one’s house in order’ especially in relation to any offshore interests that you may have....Read More >

28 February 2017

Private clients need to be aware of the new charges for probate fees

The Ministry of Justice are to dramatically reform fees for grants of probate - these will rise in May 2017 as follows:...Read More >

20 February 2017

“Cheap” legal solutions can prove costly

The BBC has recently reported the case of a mother who, feeling that she was unable to afford solicitors, lost thousands of pounds to an organisation promising to help with her court case....Read More >

20 February 2017

Breaking up is hard to do

The recent case of Fast Drinks Limited v Cetyl International Group Inc (2016) highlights the need for landlords to consider the potential security of tenure of sub-tenants before exercising a break clause....Read More >

17 February 2017

Greater protection for self-employed contractors

There may be greater protection for thousands of independent contractors working as self-employed contractors following a recent decision of the Court of Appeal....Read More >

15 February 2017

Judge’s controversial decision to keep wife locked into marriage

A Judge has recently decided to refuse a wife’s petition for divorce on the basis that her allegations regarding her husband’s unreasonable behaviour were “minor altercations of a kind to be expected in a marriage”. ...Read More >

10 February 2017

Spousal maintenance – a right or a need?

Spousal maintenance is inevitably a controversial topic as the simple truth is that there will always be some who believe that they are entitled to it and others who believe equally strongly that they shouldn’t have to pay it....Read More >

07 February 2017

Amicable Divorce App

Only 30 years ago, virtually no one owned a mobile phone and yet now a mobile app promises to help you to divorce and save thousands of pounds in legal fees. But will this app really change the way the world divorces, or is it too good to be true?...Read More >

01 February 2017

Transgender father denied the right to see his children

The case of a transgender father who has been prevented from having a direct relationship with his children due to the risk of them being ostracised by their mother’s orthodox Jewish community, raises some interesting and disturbing issues. ...Read More >

01 February 2017

First baby showers and now divorce parties are coming to the UK!

Although many people may see divorce as an opportunity for a fresh start, few have seen it as a cause for celebration....Read More >

01 February 2017

The Southern Rail Crisis and the Sussex Property Market

As the Southern Rail Crisis continues and shows no signs of ending soon, Sharon Callery, Licensed Conveyancer at Buss Murton Law considers if the strike action will have an effect on the housing market located within the Southern Rail line....Read More >

16 January 2017

Criminal sanctions for residential landlords who breach the right to rent scheme that came into force on 1 December 2016.

Under Sections 39-41 of the Immigration Act 2016, residential landlords will commit a criminal offence if:-

- Premises are occupied by an adult who is disqualified from occupying premises under a residential tenancy agreement due to their immigration status; and

- The landlord knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the premises are occupied by an adult who is disqualified from occupying premises under a residential tenancy agreement....Read More >

13 January 2017

Buss Murton re-accredited to the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme

We are delighted that we have been re-accredited to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. ...Read More >

12 January 2017

Applications open for a £30,000 charity giveaway

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table have announced that they are launching a £30,000 charity giveaway following record attendance at the annual Dunorlan Park Fireworks which took place on the 5th November....Read More >

21 December 2016

Managing Partner Andrew Linton talks to the Times of Tunbridge Wells

Having been established in the area for over 300 years, Buss Murton have become central to the legal community. Now, in 2016, the established firm has a new image for the future. Hannah Patterson sits down with Managing Partner Andrew Linton to find out what you can expect from their new brand…

...Read More >

28 November 2016

Is there such a thing as a 'good divorce'?

Today marks the first day of ‘Good Divorce Week’ a campaign by Resolution (the national organisation of family lawyers that aims at providing a constructive resolution to family disputes) to promote ‘no fault divorce’ and improve rights for cohabiting couples. On Wednesday 30th November, over 150 members of Resolution will travel to Westminster to lobby for these two important changes to family law. The campaign also coincides with the launch of their new Code of Practice....Read More >

23 November 2016

Beware of the Perils of Precedents

A recent High Court ruling has demonstrated that the “natural and ordinary meaning” of words trump the “overall purpose” of the Will when it comes to interpretation.
...Read More >

17 November 2016

Dunorlan Fireworks 2016

Thanking the Tunbridge Wells Round Table...Read More >

03 October 2016

Dispute Resolution - Buss Murton to Offer a Fixed Fee Service

“Effective dispute resolution requires a clearly defined strategy, proactive management and tactical skill in order to deliver what clients want quickly and cost effectively. It is not enough to simply advise on the law.”...Read More >

20 September 2016

Trustees’ Potential Liability for Investment Losses to Beneficiaries

There has been a recent judgement in the matter of Daniel and others and several solicitors acting as professional trustees. ...Read More >

15 September 2016

Solar Panels: Will They Have a Positive or Negative Impact on Your Property?

Kerry Carter, Associate at Buss Murton Law LLP, explains the implications of installing Photovoltaic (PV) panels (known as solar panels) in your property....Read More >

14 September 2016

Arrangements for Children Following Separation

Parents are often confused about the effects of a divorce or separation on their responsibilities for their children. ...Read More >

01 August 2016

BREXIT: What Does the Future Hold for the Property Market?

"Out of Europe twice in a week” was an accurate summary, I thought, as I watched the highlights of the England football team being dumped out of the European Championships by the minnows of Iceland....Read More >

13 July 2016

Buss Murton Announces Four Partnership Promotions

...including its first non-lawyer promotion to Equity Partner. ...Read More >

05 July 2016

Neighbours: When the Red Mist Descends, Don’t Let Costs Go Down the Drain

A dispute between neighbours about who should pay a £4,000 bill to fix a drain has racked up legal costs of more than £300,000....Read More >

13 June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps ...

I am going through a divorce and the finances are now going through the court process as we were unable to agree, what happens?...Read More >

13 June 2016

Limitation Period for Loans

The High Court recently considered when the limitation period begins to run in respect of a loan where there is no deadline for repayment. ...Read More >

08 June 2016

The Dangers of Not Having an Appropriate Will

The dangers of not having an appropriate Will...Read More >

08 June 2016

Peace of Mind: Taking Steps to Plan for your Future

Peace of Mind: Taking Steps to Plan for your Future...Read More >

08 June 2016

Inheritance Tax and the New Residence Nil Rate Band

Inheritance Tax and the new Residence Nil Rate Band...Read More >

08 June 2016

Implied Terms in a Contract

Implied Terms in a Contract...Read More >

08 June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps - What to do When it's Time to Divorce

Family Law, the next steps......Read More >

08 June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps...Mediation, Collaborative Law and the Court Process

Family Law, the next steps...Mediation, collaborative law and going to court - how to choose what is right for you....Read More >

08 June 2016

Lifetime Planning: Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills

Should we keep the Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills that we have or should we change them to take the full effect of the new Residence based Inheritance Tax allowance?...Read More >

08 June 2016

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for Families

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for Families...Read More >

07 April 2016

Buy to Let

Is buy to let still a viable option for the small investor?...Read More >

17 March 2016

What is a COP Deputy

What is a COP Deputy...Read More >

17 March 2016

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993...Read More >

17 March 2016

Homeowners Beware of Fraudsters

Homeowners beware of fraudsters trying to sell your property without your knowledge...Read More >

15 March 2016

Family Law and Arrangements for Children

Family Law and Arrangments for Children...Read More >

14 March 2016

Planning for the Future: Lasting Powers of Attorney

Planning for the future: Lasting Powers of Attorney...Read More >

26 February 2016

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Stamp Duty Land Tax on Second Homes - Not Just an April Fools Joke...Read More >

26 February 2016

A Quick Glance at the Year Ahead in Employment Law

A quick glance at the year ahead in Employment Law...Read More >

26 February 2016

What is the Court of Protection?

What is the Court of Protection...Read More >

17 February 2016

Slogans - Can They be Trademarks?

Slogans - Can they be trademarks?...Read More >

01 February 2016

Pre Nups: To Have or Have not?

Pre Nups: to have or have not?
...Read More >

01 February 2016

How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

How to find a good divorce lawyer...Read More >

06 January 2016

The Right to Monitor Employees Emails

The Right to Monitor Employees Emails...Read More >

06 January 2016

Buss Murton Law in 2016

Andrew Linton - Managing Partner at Buss Murton Law shares some thoughts on the coming year...Read More >

05 January 2016

New Year New Start

New Year New Start...Read More >

05 January 2016

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Put an LPA in Place?

Is your New Year's resolution to put an LPA in place?...Read More >

01 January 2016

Government Extends Permission to Convert Office to Residential Developments

Government extends permission to convert office to residential developments...Read More >

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