2nd November 2017

Don’t Ignore Pensions on Divorce

People who are getting divorced overlook pensions at their peril

Understandably they focus on their immediate needs and therefore on the obvious assets such as the house and savings, lacking the emotional energy required to focus on future needs! Retirement just seems too far away to worry about at a difficult time and so pensions can be ignored. Those people are almost certainly doing themselves a disservice.

A number of financial institutions have recently warned people that they are not making adequate provision for their future and, statistically, divorced people are the most at risk.

So, when considering finances on divorce, it is crucial to give proper consideration to all the assets available and to obtain expert advice not only on their true value but also on what the various settlement options including pensions could mean for you both now and in the future.

For this reason, we work closely with a number of pension experts and financial advisors to ensure that our clients always have the right advice to enable them to make informed decisions.

If you would like further advice on dealing with finances on divorce or if you would like to discuss any other family law issue, we offer a free initial 30 minute meeting at any of our offices in Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, East Grinstead or Dartford. To make an appointment please contact Khaila Reid, Family Team Secretary on T: 01892 502 335 or E: KReid@bussmurton.co.uk