5th January 2016

New Year New Start

New Year New Start

Kristy Underwood, Associate at Buss Murton Law LLP explains what a New Year brings for some relationships.

Question: I stayed with my partner for the children until Christmas was over and I now want to move on with my life. What steps should I take?

Answer: Often, particularly where there are issues in relation to children and/or finances, people take some time, possibly even years, to finally decide to separate. Even once they have finally made the decision, they may have no idea where to turn or what to do next. Many are scared about the future and some may feel guilty at being the person who has chosen to end the relationship and the whole thing can feel overwhelming. So what should they do? The first step is to get some information about what to expect in a divorce or separation.

We know that people can be concerned about getting lawyers involved, but at Buss Murton, we are members of Resolution (the association of family lawyers) and are committed to dealing with matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Often clients are concerned that children and/or financial matters will inevitably lead to Court proceedings, but in reality, only rarely do cases ever reach a final Court hearing as the vast majority settle by agreement at a much earlier stage, often without any Court intervention.

We realise that uncertainty causes anxiety and so at the outset we ascertain, as far as possible, the information and documentation we need to allow us to advise as to a fair and reasonable settlement.

If matters cannot be settled by agreement and Court proceedings are unavoidable, our lawyers are experienced in dealing with Court hearings and we support our clients through the process, to ensure that matters are dealt with as efficiently, cost effectively and as painlessly as possible.

At Buss Murton Law LLP we offer a free 30 minute meeting, without obligation, where we talk clients through what to expect from the process of divorce or separation and give an indication as to costs.