1st August 2017

Summer holidays – the last straw?

​Holidays can put pressure on even the most stable relationship, but if a relationship is already under strain, sadly they can sometimes be the last straw.

It is probably not surprising then that Relate reported a 9% increase in couples experiencing relationship difficulties during September 2016 and is expecting the trend to continue this year.

The stresses that a family Christmas can put on a relationship are widely recognised, but that longed-for summer holiday in the sun can be just as challenging. Spending an extended period of time in each other’s company can force a couple to address financial or other concerns which an otherwise hectic lifestyle might allow them to avoid. These pressures can apply equally to married couples, cohabiting couples and those in civil partnerships and although dealing with squabbling children probably won’t help matters, couples holidaying alone are by no means guaranteed a  stress-free time!

So what should a couple do if they find themselves seriously questioning their future? Deciding to separate or divorce is one of the most difficult and far-reaching decisions a person can make, as it affects not just their own life and their partner’s, but also the lives of those closest to them whom they care deeply about. As family lawyers, we know that couples who consider counselling at this time are often more able to cope sensitively with the situation. We work closely with local counsellors and can help you to identify what help would be best for you, as counselling is available for individuals, couples and whole families.

Counselling works alongside the legal process, providing emotional support at what can be such a difficult time when decisions need to be made about arrangements for children and finances. A sensible first step is to have a short meeting to get an idea of the options available to you.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship and you would like to talk to someone about separation and divorce law or children arrangements please contact us on T: 01892 510 222 or email: info@bussmurton.co.uk and we will be able to offer you a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation.

This article was first published in the September edition 2017 of Wealden Times. www.wealdentimes.co.uk/

Melanie den Brinker

Melanie den Brinker