17th March 2017

Varying charges between solicitors on conveyancing quotes?

Seeking a conveyancing quotation but discovering that there is a degree of varying charges between solicitors? At Buss Murton we have no such hidden charges.

Whilst other organisations’ legal fees may seem low initially, be sure you undertake your research to ensure others are being as transparent with their fees as we are at Buss Murton. Always look for those hidden costs or costs described as third party expenses which may in fact be forming part of the other organisations’ legal fees, therefore increasing their fees and ultimately the overall cost to you to use their services.

At Buss Murton we do not charge our clients to complete and file a stamp duty land tax return form, to act for and on behalf of a mortgage lender in the purchase of a property nor when acting on a sale to redeem an existing mortgage. Similarly, we do not charge our clients to perform identity checks or to store your file once the transaction has completed.

Ensure you request a detailed cost estimate prior to instructing a solicitor to carry out any work for you in order that you can make an informed decision. Can you really afford not to?

For more information on residential property or to obtain a quote, please contact Helen Batt on 01892 502 376 or email: hbatt@bussmurton.co.uk


Helen Batt

Helen Batt