20th February 2017

“Cheap” legal solutions can prove costly

The BBC has recently reported the case of a mother who, feeling that she was unable to afford solicitors, lost thousands of pounds to an organisation promising to help with her court case.

The case in question concerned the care of her children. The costs were £480pm plus additional one off charges and then a final payment of £6,000 to have her case form part of a book. She lost the case. She lost her money. There was no book.

It is always extremely sad when vulnerable people are conned, but it is even worse when there are children at the heart of it.

So, don’t be fooled by empty promises. Do your research. Always look for the hidden costs or the reasons why an organisation’s charges seem so low. Don’t buy into the propaganda that solicitors are expensive, as they are obliged to provide you with detailed cost estimates prior to carrying out any work. Make informed decisions. Can you really afford not to?