9th January 2018

Does divorce inevitably mean war? The simple answer is no!

It is a commonly held belief that when a relationship breaks down, there must be a winner and therefore there must be a loser.

It is that belief and the fear of being the “loser” that leads so many people to fight, even before they have had a chance to consider what it is they are fighting for, but what if there was another way…

Collaborative Law is a process in which each person is supported by their own collaboratively trained lawyer. Rather than communicating through Solicitors’ letters and emails, the parties and their lawyers attend meetings at which they are free to discuss every possible issue arising from the breakdown of the relationship. It is only through those discussions that real, constructive progress can be made and an agreement reached which is tailored to their specific circumstances.

One of our clients has described how he found the collaborative process: “Collaborative divorce was not something we had heard of. In fact, we were wary of engaging lawyers as we didn’t want an amicable split to become acrimonious. When we were told about collaboration it seemed ideal, so we agreed on this route. The experience has been a real eye opener. Sitting in a room together and discussing what is best for both parties in a relaxed and supportive way has turned a scary situation into one that has actually helped us to retain trust and an ongoing friendship. And our lawyers have been excellent, they have facilitated rather than directed – meaning that it has been my wife and I who have jointly made all the decisions. The crime here is that collaboration is not more visible to divorcing couples.”

Therefore, before engaging in a war which will inevitably take you down a path of no return, consider the alternatives and decide for yourself which option is truly best for you both now and in the future.

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This article was first published in the January editions 2018 of Index Magazine (http://indexdigital.co.uk/january-2018/)
and the Wealden Times. www.wealdentimes.co.uk/