26 September 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation – It’s Coming Ready or Not

Author : Alex Lee

GDPR is going to be incorporated into the UK law and everyone doing business in the UK/EU even if they are located outside will be subject to its provisions....Read More >

14 September 2017

Compensation for Late Payments of Commercial Debts

Author : Alex Lee

Cashflow can be the difference between success and failure in business. But if late payments are giving you unnecessary business headaches, the law is on your side....Read More >

20 July 2017

When is a Contract a Contract?

Author : Alex Lee

When you’ve signed on the dotted line, right? Wrong! You could be tied into legally binding agreements before the terms of a formal contract have been agreed and signed....Read More >

13 June 2016

Limitation Period for Loans

Author : Alex Lee

The High Court recently considered when the limitation period begins to run in respect of a loan where there is no deadline for repayment. ...Read More >

08 June 2016

Implied Terms in a Contract

Author : Alex Lee

Implied Terms in a Contract...Read More >

17 March 2016

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993

Author : Alex Lee

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993...Read More >

17 February 2016

Slogans - Can They be Trademarks?

Author : Alex Lee

Slogans - Can they be trademarks?...Read More >

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