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11th March 2020

Arrangements for children following separation

Parents are often confused about the effects of a divorce or separation on their responsibilities for their children. Hopefully it will be possible for parents to agree on arrangements for their children, but if this is not possible, generally, it is advisable to take legal advice on the issues in dispute. In many cases, parents […]Read More >

1st January 2020

How to choose your divorce lawyer

Although statistics tell us that almost half of marriages end in divorce, the knowledge that thousands of other couples are going through the same thing is little consolation when your own marriage is breaking down. For most people, divorce is unknown and often frightening territory. Important decisions in relation to arrangements for children or finances […]Read More >

1st November 2019

How to share Christmas

Whilst there will always be those who complain about the commercialisation of Christmas, no one can doubt that it remains a time of magic and excitement for children of all ages. As parents, we do all we can to ensure that our children have a wonderful time and that the magic is protected for as […]Read More >

4th September 2019

“I do”…until I don’t!

Despite pre-nuptial agreements still not technically being binding in English law, their popularity continues to rise, which is in part due to today’s fascination with everything “celebrity”, but are they for the rest of us? The answer is yes – sometimes! Couples for whom they may be helpful, include professional couples without children who choose […]Read More >

14th May 2019

Celebrity Divorces

News of a celebrity divorce can become viral within seconds, but how much truth is there behind those eye-catching headlines? Let’s look at a few examples: “The Quickie Divorce” In 2018, it was reported that Jamie and Louise Redknapp’s 19-year marriage was ended in 25 seconds. This led many to question why their own divorce […]Read More >

7th March 2019

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

The plight of Mrs Owens being forced to remain in a loveless marriage has garnered much media attention and strengthened the “no fault” divorce movement, but, pending a change in the law, can such a destructive impasse be avoided? YES, by choosing collaborative law.Read More >

12th February 2019

Divorce law – welcome to the 21st century

At long last, the government has finally announced that it intends to introduce the “no fault divorce”, bringing family law into the 21st century. Currently, in this country, unless a couple has been living apart for a period in excess of five years (reduced to two if both parties consent), a divorce can only be […]Read More >

1st July 2018

Minimising distress in divorce

Currently, unless a couple have been separated for five years or more (reduced to two years if they agree), they can only get divorced if the Petitioner can establish that the Respondent has either committed adultery or has behaved in such a way that the Petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with him/her. This […]Read More >

8th May 2018

Online divorce applications but what about the financial settlement?

Online divorce applications are available from today at the government website ( This provides the opportunity to start the straightforward part of the divorce process. Read More >

1st May 2018

Divorce Mythbusters

There are many myths about who has what rights when a marriage breaks down. In our experience, a belief in those myths can lead people to make decisions they otherwise wouldn’t or shouldn’t make. Here are some common examples: My divorce has been finalised, so my ex cannot make a financial claim against me. Unless […]Read More >

13th March 2018

5 Tips for a cheaper divorce

Many people find themselves reluctant to take legal advice for fear of the costs, but what if that fear is the very thing that leads you to accept an outcome which ultimately costs you more. Below are some tips for how you can both obtain legal advice and keep costs down. 1. Get expert advice […]Read More >

9th January 2018

Does divorce inevitably mean war? The simple answer is no!

It is a commonly held belief that when a relationship breaks down, there must be a winner and therefore there must be a loser.Read More >

27th November 2017

Cohabitation Awareness

Be aware – there is no such thing as common law husband and wife!Read More >

2nd November 2017

Don’t Ignore Pensions on Divorce

People who are getting divorced overlook pensions at their peril Read More >

19th October 2017

Putting Children First: Should their views be heard in Court?

The reaction from most people to “Should children be heard in English family court cases?”, would probably be surprise that the question even needs to be asked!Read More >

5th October 2017

“Dr Foster” – How NOT to separate!

I suspect that couples going through a separation may be reeling from last night’s conclusion of "Dr. Foster" and fearing for their children's future wellbeing.Read More >

1st August 2017

Summer holidays – the last straw?

​Holidays can put pressure on even the most stable relationship, but if a relationship is already under strain, sadly they can sometimes be the last straw.Read More >

20th April 2017

Finances on divorce – Is “special contribution” a justified argument or an outmoded concept?

The breakdown of Ryan Giggs’ marriage has been widely publicised, for a number of reasons, but most recently because he apparently intends to claim “special contribution”. Whilst most people would readily accept that he has made a special contribution to football, can the same be argued for his marriage?Read More >

4th April 2017

​Don’t get blindsided if your relationship breaks down

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just released figures showing that, for the first time, the number of unmarried couples with children breaking up has exceeded married couples with children.Read More >

20th February 2017

“Cheap” legal solutions can prove costly

The BBC has recently reported the case of a mother who, feeling that she was unable to afford solicitors, lost thousands of pounds to an organisation promising to help with her court case.Read More >

15th February 2017

Judge’s controversial decision to keep wife locked into marriage

A Judge has recently decided to refuse a wife’s petition for divorce on the basis that her allegations regarding her husband’s unreasonable behaviour were “minor altercations of a kind to be expected in a marriage”. Read More >

10th February 2017

Spousal maintenance – a right or a need?

Spousal maintenance is inevitably a controversial topic as the simple truth is that there will always be some who believe that they are entitled to it and others who believe equally strongly that they shouldn’t have to pay it.Read More >

7th February 2017

Amicable Divorce App

Only 30 years ago, virtually no one owned a mobile phone and yet now a mobile app promises to help you to divorce and save thousands of pounds in legal fees. But will this app really change the way the world divorces, or is it too good to be true?Read More >

1st February 2017

First baby showers and now divorce parties are coming to the UK!

Although many people may see divorce as an opportunity for a fresh start, few have seen it as a cause for celebration.Read More >

1st February 2017

Transgender father denied the right to see his children

The case of a transgender father who has been prevented from having a direct relationship with his children due to the risk of them being ostracised by their mother’s orthodox Jewish community, raises some interesting and disturbing issues. Read More >

28th November 2016

Is there such a thing as a ‘good divorce’?

Today marks the first day of ‘Good Divorce Week’ a campaign by Resolution (the national organisation of family lawyers that aims at providing a constructive resolution to family disputes) to promote ‘no fault divorce’ and improve rights for cohabiting couples. On Wednesday 30th November, over 150 members of Resolution will travel to Westminster to lobby for these two important changes to family law. The campaign also coincides with the launch of their new Code of Practice.Read More >

13th June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps …

I am going through a divorce and the finances are now going through the court process as we were unable to agree, what happens?Read More >

8th June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps – What to do When it’s Time to Divorce

Family Law, the next steps...Read More >

8th June 2016

Family Law, the Next Steps…Mediation, Collaborative Law and the Court Process

Family Law, the next steps...Mediation, collaborative law and going to court - how to choose what is right for you.Read More >

15th March 2016

Family Law and Arrangements for Children

Family Law and Arrangments for ChildrenRead More >

3rd February 2016

Collaborative Divorce

Can there really be such a thing as a good divorce?Read More >

1st February 2016

How to Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

With the papers full of the latest “celebrity” divorces and statistics showing that 42% of UK marriages end in divorce, it might be assumed that divorce is no longer a significant life event. However, the knowledge that thousands of other couples are going through the same thing, makes it no less difficult when your own marriage is breaking down.Read More >