Company and Commercial Articles

26th September 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation – It’s Coming Ready or Not

GDPR is going to be incorporated into the UK law and everyone doing business in the UK/EU even if they are located outside will be subject to its provisions.Read More >

14th September 2017

Compensation for Late Payments of Commercial Debts

Cashflow can be the difference between success and failure in business. But if late payments are giving you unnecessary business headaches, the law is on your side.Read More >

20th July 2017

When is a Contract a Contract?

When you’ve signed on the dotted line, right? Wrong! You could be tied into legally binding agreements before the terms of a formal contract have been agreed and signed.Read More >

13th June 2016

Limitation Period for Loans

The High Court recently considered when the limitation period begins to run in respect of a loan where there is no deadline for repayment. Read More >

8th June 2016

Implied Terms in a Contract

Implied Terms in a ContractRead More >

17th March 2016

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993 set out how compensation for the termination of an agency arrangement is calculated. Perhaps surprisingly, even where a contractual termination occurs, compensation is still payable to an agent (at least where the agency is of products rather than services). Where the parties have not agreed an indemnity under their contract then compensation is due, but how is it calculated?Read More >

17th February 2016

Slogans – Can They be Trademarks?

You will be aware of trademarks that brands register in order to obtain protection for a brand (and for the investment that has been made in the brand and its brand “equity”). What is often the case is that a number of brands have made considerable investment in slogans. Some almost form part of everyday language – Nike’s “Just do it”, Coca Cola’s “it’s the real thing” are obvious examples. There are numerous examples that have less ubiquity but still have considerable investment.Read More >

6th January 2016

The Right to Monitor Employees Emails

The Right to Monitor Employees EmailsRead More >