Private Client Articles

21st December 2017

Mirror Wills – A Word of Caution

Mirror Wills or Joint Wills are legal documents where the contents of one Will are almost exactly replicated in the other. Read More >

13th December 2017

Latest News on Social Care Cost Funding

The £72,500 cap on social care costs that an individual could expect to spend on his or her residential care, which was due to come into effect in 2020, has been scrapped.Read More >

10th October 2017

Lasting Powers of Attorney: more applications but, an alert about fraud

There has been a 30% rise in the number of Lasting Power Attorney applications for registration received between April and June compared to the same period in 2016.Read More >

25th July 2017

Electronic communication: valid reflection of intention in your Will?

Discover the interesting debate about the Law Commission’s proposal to update the law on Wills to recognise electronic communications as a valid intentionRead More >

15th May 2017

The ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, intergenerational wealth and concerns re financial prudence.

Many of the over 55s wish to retain some control over how any money they leave to their offspring is spent. The recent growth in pensioner wealth and the obstacles to accessing the property ladder for many of the younger generations mean that a large portion of the older generation will bequeath large sums to children and grandchildren, and that the younger generation will not have had the experience of making decisions regarding such large asset values beforehand.Read More >

20th April 2017

Brexit, Brussels IV and Holiday Homes

Prior to August 2015, there was no unified system of succession law for those who were domiciled and habitually resident in England and Wales but who owned assets, such as a holiday home, elsewhere in Europe. This caused added expense when dealing with assets in Europe, and it was difficult to predict whether the intended beneficiary would inherit in line with the Testator’s intentions. Read More >

6th March 2017

“Offshore tax planning – HMRC replacing the carrot with a stick”

In the run up to 5 April, there is no time like the present to ‘get one’s house in order’ especially in relation to any offshore interests that you may have.Read More >

28th February 2017

Private clients need to be aware of the new charges for probate fees

The Ministry of Justice are to dramatically reform fees for grants of probate - these will rise in May 2017 as follows:Read More >

23rd November 2016

Beware of the Perils of Precedents

A recent High Court ruling has demonstrated that the “natural and ordinary meaning” of words trump the “overall purpose” of the Will when it comes to interpretation. Read More >

20th September 2016

Trustees’ Potential Liability for Investment Losses to Beneficiaries

There has been a recent judgement in the matter of Daniel and others and several solicitors acting as professional trustees. Read More >

8th June 2016

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for Families

Increased Stamp Duty Rates May Cause Problems for FamiliesRead More >

8th June 2016

Inheritance Tax and the New Residence Nil Rate Band

Question: I am a widow and have been left financially comfortable on my husband’s death a few years ago.Read More >

8th June 2016

Lifetime Planning: Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills

Should we keep the Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust Wills that we have or should we change them to take the full effect of the new Residence based Inheritance Tax allowance?Read More >

8th June 2016

Peace of Mind: Taking Steps to Plan for your Future

Question: I am purchasing a property with my partner, but I am putting in more of the equity. What steps can I take to safeguard my position?Read More >

8th June 2016

The Dangers of Not Having an Appropriate Will

The recent case involving Joy Williams and her deceased partner Norman Martin’s family show how dangerous it is to jointly own property with another (such as a life partner), even if the ownership is appropriately structured as a tenancy in common, if you do not also have an appropriate Will in place.Read More >

17th March 2016

What is a COP Deputy

“Following on from the last article, if you are a Court of Protection Deputy – what does that mean and what can you do and what can you not do…?Read More >

26th February 2016

What is the Court of Protection?

Perhaps the first question to ask is what is a deputyRead More >

5th January 2016

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Put an LPA in Place?

Is your New Year's resolution to put an LPA in place?Read More >